I was at a Sunday School workshop yesterday. One thing I have always struggled with is memorizing scripture. We were told that the older we get the harder it is to memorize. So the best time to learn it is a young age. I became a kid again yesterday.

What I really liked is the way they showed us how to memorize. The one Scripture they did as an example is still in my mind. That excites me. It was Romans 1:16. But, the leader said: Romans, chapter one, versus 16. Then she repeated the scripture while we looked at a chart with the words. Then she repeated Romans, chapter one, versus 16.

The scripture itself is “I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.”

She had given a little story about being embarrassed at the beginning. To work on the scripture she had us stand up and do an action – she would say freeze and then we would all read the scripture.  She showed us many games and fun ways to repeat the scripture. (at least 7 times)

The bottom line is I remembered it. And I am old. So the kids will really remember it.

I now will attempt again to memorize scripture. But, this time I am assured of success.

How do you do at memorizing scripture? Did you learn it as a child? Or do you try now to once again “extend those dendrites”. (See my post called “All this technical stuff”.)


2 Responses to “Memorizing”

  1. joannamallory Says:

    I have to write out the passage in short, logically-connected phrases so I can get a pattern and remember “what comes next”. Repetition really helps for the short term, especially out loud.

    Someone showed me how to memorize Scripture by linking each concept to a gesture or action, and physically “going through the motions” while repeating it aloud. Me, I’ve never been an “action song” person, absolutely detest them, but I could see a purpose for this and it actually did help. After a while I could just remember the gestures and they’d help me with the words.

    If I’ve learned it in one translation, I’m hopeless to relearn it in a second one. The concordance at is really good, but if I can’t give it the right words it strikes out.

    By now I have a sense of roughly what the verses I should memorize say, and the special ones I have printed in the back of my Bible complete with references so I can find them in a hurry.

  2. spiritfilledcanada Says:

    I think learning by action would be the best for me. I love action songs. The leaders also suggested using initials – so my scripture would be – IanaotgbiitpoGftsoewb.

    More importantly I can remember the “address” of the scripture. It was suggested that we tell children the the books of the Bible are like the city, the Chapters are the street, and the verse is the house. So saying Romans, chapter 1, verse 16 – seems to stick more than Romans 1:16.

    Thanks for the comment. I will continue to try to learn more scriptures.

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