For the past two weeks I have been painting and refurbishing a home for my daughter and her fiance. Although it was physically demanding it gave me time to just “be”.

In the usual flurry of normal daily activities I don’t always have that solitary time. Even when I read my Bible, journal and pray, it is only an hour or so at a time. These past two weeks have been full of just being me. There was some interaction with others but most of the time was working alone, scrubbing, sanding or painting.

It was a glorious refreshing change. I feel renewed.

I read in the Bible this morning that Jesus would go away on His own to pray. He left the busyness of life and found fellowship with the Father. I think that is what this week was like. Being away – from phones, from mail, from activities.

Luke 5: 16 “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”



2 Responses to “Renewal”

  1. Peter Black Says:

    Your time alone-with-yourself-and-theLord painting time was evidently a precious thing for you, and such times are to be treasured.
    Thanks for this refreshing piece. I’m sure it stirred a similar longing in others as well as in me.

  2. spiritfilledcanada Says:

    It gave me a great time just to live in the moment. It was quite wonderful.

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