We are on line – high speed

It is wonderful to be on line again – at high speed. I bought a new computer and tried the Bell Stick – we get 1 bar but it is enough to work quite well.

So now I can see the water and type.

A new learning curve again though. I bought a MAC – so I have to learn all over again. So far it has been excellent. I like Safari which is the Internet Browser. It is quick and reliable.


The Write! Canada Conference in Guelph was fabulous. Workshops and classes were top notch and it was exciting to see everyone again. Lots of new faces and new friends.


2 Responses to “We are on line – high speed”

  1. Peter Black Says:

    Hello Jan.
    Congratulations on your new high-speed status!
    Sorry I missed seeing you and our TWG friends at the Write! Canada conference. However, I’m thrilled that it was such a marvellous success.

    If I might mention: I moved up from dialup internet a while back and am now on a basic light ethernet format — not as fast as high speed, but several times faster that dialup.

    Your highspeed will certainly serve Shining His Light well.
    Enjoy. Blessings,

  2. spiritfilledcanada Says:

    Thanks Peter,
    The Bell Stick works very well. I only get 1 bar – but way way faster than dial up.

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