New Blog

I started a new blog in June 2010 called Under the Cover of Prayer. I have guest bloggers who post regularly. I try to post once a week. Please come to visit us at our new blog. Find out more about the power of prayer.


2 Responses to “New Blog”

  1. Bruce Atchison Says:

    Beware of those folks who claim you can get whatever you want by building up your faith. I was in a cult church for 15 years and they had me constantly running on a treadmill of working up my faith to get my eyes healed. The elders accused me of having hidden sin, a lack of faith, or ancestral sin that blocked my healing. No matter how I tried, my vision grew worse. I became an atheist for 9 years before realizing God wasn’t at fault, the cultists were. Now I understand that God is sovereign and he gives us what he knows to be good. I’m editing How I Was Razed, a memoir of those years and the wonderful truth of God being our heavenly father who gives all good things. I would appreciate prayer that it gets published and helps many people who suffered as I did.

  2. spiritfilledcanada Says:

    I believe you might like to travel over to Under the Cover Of Prayer. As far as I know all my Bloggers are true to Christ’s teachings. You will not find a cult here.
    But walking in the Light of Christ is essential for our closeness to God.

    I will certainly pray for a publisher for your book.

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