My Watercolours

I belong to a painters group in Haliburton called The Village Art Group. We meet each week (for about 8 months of the year) to paint at our local museum. Most of us paint in watercolours. Below are samples of my work.



Village 11×14


Flowers 11×14 inches




A Winter Morning in Haliburton




Glacial Lake, B. C., Canada


Man Fishing


9 Responses to “My Watercolours”

  1. Watercolour « Shining His Light Says:

    […] a labour of love. It has been fun! It has been frustrating! It has been stretching! I have made another page where I will show you some of my paintings. I hope you enjoy looking at […]

    • Gina Sikkema Says:

      Jan, these are beautiful. If I could paint, which I can’t, this is exactly what I would paint. Your colors are mine.

  2. Sarah Says:


  3. joannamallory Says:

    Lovely, restful images!

  4. Ramona Furst Says:

    You’ll be JUST fine! God believes in you and so do I.

  5. spiritfilledcanada Says:

    Thanks Ramona,
    I keep trying and practice is certainly helping.

  6. spiritfilledcanada Says:

    Thank you,
    It is nice when your daughter likes your work.

  7. Annette Stanwick Says:

    Lovely work! I especially love “Lake Reflections” It is so gentle yet such depth in the delicateness of the sun colours and the tree silhouettes.

  8. Mary Haskett Says:

    What beautiful paintings! I especially love the lake scene.

    Thanks for sharing
    Mary Haskett

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